Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Duck Hollow Fire Arts.

First Duck Hollow Fire Arts event was on Tuesday.  Be sure to join up on the 11th for the next one.

First Fire Juggling of the Season

The first fire juggling event of the season took place last night. And of course that mean the first blurry camera pic of someone juggling fire. Incidentally that is me juggling my torches. It was great fun. We had all kinds of people on hand just not too many of them. We had some kids, some drummer and even a guy on didgery doo. I really have no idea how to spell didgery doo and have no desire to look it up. You know that Australian instrument.

After we had our inaugural battle with the fishermen we go down to juggle and poi. This year I even joined in on the poi with the brigade's set of led power poi. I am not quite up to the fire poi stage of the game yet.

Anyway, if you are a juggle, spinner drummer of player of Australian instruments I cannot spell show up on the 11th. Fire Juggle starts at dusk. Juggling lessons start at 7:00.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Top 12 Signs You are Listening to too Much Jpop

The Top 12 Signs You are Listening to too Much Jpop

12. When all your clocks are set to Tokyo Time.

11. You Dress like a Sailor even thought you are not in the Navy.

10. J becomes you favorite letter.

9. You answer the phone with “Konichiwa”

8. When you ignore cease and desist orders from David Letterman’s Production Company.

7. You intentionally add Js to words that do not have them. “Jman”

6. Moon Kana starts following you on Twitter.

5. You are a 35 year old American trying to start a Jpop band called Paparu Panda.

4. When you know who Moon Kana is.

3. You want to grow up to be just like Godzilla. Godzilla, proof it is sometimes easy to be green.

2. You will only eat with chop sticks.

1. You wished Django Unchained had more Karate Fights.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Facebook Page

We have begun a page on the facebook. It is at Please visit and like it. There is not much there yet so just pretend you like it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Top 12 Things That Really Annoy Home Depot Employees

12. Loosing Light Saber Battle using old Fluorescent Light Bulbs

11. Cleaning up after  the idiots that have Light Saber Battles with Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

10. When people steal ideas for articles from David Letterman.

9. When you read this list you have to wear an official Home Depot Shirt.

8. Being asked Where all the guys in blue vests are?

7. When Clowns return Insulation Blowers they are covered in Cotton Candy.

6. Being asked Do You Work Here? I’m in orange Da.

5. People who ask if we carry Nails?

4. Vomit Patrol

3. When Homer steals your yogurt from the Employee Fridge.

2. When I go to a Lowes Store and customers there asked us for advice because they can’t find a Lowes employee

1. Having to cover for Homer when his wife calls.