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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Posting Again

We have been working on some new projects at the Clown Brigade. First we have been working on knitting with the Apprentices in the Brigade. For the last couple years we have had a knitting group on the South Side.

With all of our young Apprentices who live in Homestead we have had the Knitting Group at the Corps the last couple weeks. This is Apprentice Brimage working on her first swatch.

An of course the every popular Salvation Army Holiday activity, Standing Kettle. This is Sergeant Thurman, Apprentice Brimage and Cadet Brimage at out Kettle Stand at Century Three Mall. All of the pictures of them standing in front of the Kettle turned out blurry.

We have been making balloons juggling and doing clown type stuff on Kettles. Sadly we cannot have a bell.. Everyone is terribly broken up that we don't have bell.

Well God Bless and be kind to the people with the red buckets.