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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Practice

We had a very good practice today. Not only did we cover balloons and juggling we also got to some dancing. One of the adults in the group is going back to school. This will leave a bit of a void in the leadership of the group. Even so two of the young Sergeants ran the dance practice today with only a little bit of outside direction. This is a feat to say the least.

Eleven years of age is an interesting age. It is an age with so much promise if things go the right way. The sergeant in charge of the Dance group is now eleven. She had been with the Brigade for more than a year now. Today was the first day that she ran something without the direct supervision of an adult. It was a bit rough at moments. Still they go through several thing without someone giving them a plan. This is the first step to a young person becoming a leader. If she sticks around long enough I think she has a fairly good shot at becoming a Master Clown before she is eighteen.

By the way in the clowning world becoming a Master Clown is a bit like becoming an Eagle Scout.

In addition to this first we also had our first guest from another Clown Troupe. Two member of the local Clowns of America International Branch attended the meeting. They were very nice and appeared to enjoy themselves. There are not many clowns left. So it is truly important that those that are left band together to preserve the craft.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.