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Saturday, February 4, 2023

New Cirriculum Materials

We have been spending a fair time during the pandemic working on some of the behind the scenes work in the Brigade. This has been a nagging and continual process that never seams to be complete. For some reason we have not had the opportunity to get things together. 

For many things like Magic and Juggling it is simple. You get a good book on the subject and write a curriculum.

There is no good book on basic clowning. So we have written a few lessons and we fill in the blanks every time we teach a class. 

I looks as if we may have a complete curriculum for our basic clowning proficiency. Here is Buddy with the part 1 of the Pickled Herring Proficiancy.

Well I am excited about this. I know no one else is. So for that reason here is a picture of Buddy with it.