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Monday, May 6, 2013

Top 12 Things That Really Annoy Home Depot Employees

12. Loosing Light Saber Battle using old Fluorescent Light Bulbs

11. Cleaning up after  the idiots that have Light Saber Battles with Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

10. When people steal ideas for articles from David Letterman.

9. When you read this list you have to wear an official Home Depot Shirt.

8. Being asked Where all the guys in blue vests are?

7. When Clowns return Insulation Blowers they are covered in Cotton Candy.

6. Being asked Do You Work Here? I’m in orange Da.

5. People who ask if we carry Nails?

4. Vomit Patrol

3. When Homer steals your yogurt from the Employee Fridge.

2. When I go to a Lowes Store and customers there asked us for advice because they can’t find a Lowes employee

1. Having to cover for Homer when his wife calls.

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