Saturday, October 30, 2021

New Classes

Since there will be no Flugglesburgh this year we are going to have some on line classes. We will have a regular Tuesday balloon sculpture class at 4PM. We will also  have some rotating classes on Sundays at 4PM.  Links to the meetings are on the schedule page of this website. 

If you are tuning in for a juggling class we recommend 3 juggling balls that are comfortable for you. If you are tuning in for a balloon class we recommend 260 style balloon and 2 way air pump.

If you have any classes that you would like to see please let me know. We are open to suggestions.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Getting Closer

We are getting closer on finishing up the Kettle Stand. We are going to install 3 more drawers and hangers for clubs. There are a couple door stops installed as brakes and can help level the stand if on uneven ground.

 For fun we are going to use some wooden spools for drawer pulls. The spools are from the old Clark Thread Company before they were merged with Coats. It will be a nice memento from out time making masks. Maybe we will be able to stop doing that at some point. 

We are going to take the stand down to Twelve and stand some kettle to see how it works.

I will let you know how it goes

Monday, June 28, 2021

Work Continues

We continued to work on the new Kettle Stand Today.


This is the top and front of the stand. The new stand is two and half times as wide as the old stand. the front of the new stand is going to be mostly white. Eventually, we will paint our name and logo on the front of the stand. This will likely happen when we find someone with a steadier hand than me. In the mean time we will attached laminated sinnage like the old stand.  

There are several compartments on the new stand. There is one for the props we light on fire.  This is ventilated comparment to help the props dry out after use. It has hangers for a set of torches and a Devil Stick. I have not installed the hanger for poi yet. 

The middle lower compartment is for fuel and the fire extinguisher. For some reason people like to snatch the fire extinguisher. Any way it will have and interior place so that it is hidden away. 

On the right hand side is a compartment for clubs, devil sticks and the rest of the juggling props. You can store nine clubs and three or for devil sticks in this compartment. We are looking at some new devil stick and maybe a diablo. So I have not installed hangers in this compartment yet. 

Above the fuel compartment will be three or four drawers. This was the biggest issue with old stand. There were two open shelves that everything else fit on. Pens, air pumps and other little things would get lost in a big pile of stuff. With cutting edge drawer technology we will be able to seperate items. We will have a drawer for balls, a couple for magic props and a stuff drawer. So there will be a place for pens, business cards and all the little things we would loose in the old stand. Pictures to the left are two of our sleek cutting edge drawers.

 To the best of my knowledge we will have the first kettle stand in the world with drawers. So that is exciting. 

 We if you want to get a tour of the world most advanced Kettle Stand come by and visit us at Twelve this 4th of July week end. You can celebrate our nations birthday and drawers. 


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Standing Kettle Again

With the easing of Covid restriction we are going to head out for some fund raising. During the down time we have decided to upgrade our Kettle Stand. The old one has served us well but only has room for one set of juggling eqipment.

The new stand will be larger and have more room. We will room for 3 sets of equipment. There will be a large felt top for magic tricks. There is a better compartment for flammable materials. It will have drawers instead of open shelves.

For the last couple years the old stand has served us well. We will fix it up and have it for smaller events. 

I hope to see everyone July Fouth weekend at Twelve.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New Classes and Balls

 We have started new virtual juggling classes and practices on the go to meeting site. For the foreseeable future we will be having our meetings online because of the pandemic.  We are also going to be giving selling balls online another chance. So if you need balls you will be able to buy them at our online store. 

The link for the online juggling is:

 I hope you can drop by.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Masks

 We have a buch of Christmas Masks made in the Panier Style. This is the sty7le that performed very well in the Duke University Study we sited in earlier posts. So come on by and get some Christmas Cheer while trying to avoid the Covid. 

This week and only this week we will have pick up time for masks from 1:oo PM to 8:oo PM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So  go over the the mask page and sign up for a pick up time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Embroidery Machine

 We were able to pick up an embroidery machine for a good price. This is our first attempt that came out rather nicely. 

    We hope that being able to personalize the masks will convince more people to wear them.  

    This particular mask is a birthday present for the daughter of one of our volunteers. We only had purple thread. We are definitely going to find some lavender thread and make her a mask using that. 





     Miss Fields took whirl on the new machine as well. Apparently pink and purple were the themes of the day. 

    Now all we need to do is find whitty things to put on the masks.