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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Terrible Mistake

 Things went a little strange during lock down. I did a single episode of a cooking show. Here it is. 

If anyone wants to see another episode let me know.


Saturday, February 4, 2023

New Cirriculum Materials

We have been spending a fair time during the pandemic working on some of the behind the scenes work in the Brigade. This has been a nagging and continual process that never seams to be complete. For some reason we have not had the opportunity to get things together. 

For many things like Magic and Juggling it is simple. You get a good book on the subject and write a curriculum.

There is no good book on basic clowning. So we have written a few lessons and we fill in the blanks every time we teach a class. 

I looks as if we may have a complete curriculum for our basic clowning proficiency. Here is Buddy with the part 1 of the Pickled Herring Proficiancy.

Well I am excited about this. I know no one else is. So for that reason here is a picture of Buddy with it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Calendar Update, Classes and Paperwork

 Just wanted to check in and state we are starting a new round of basic clowning classes. These are very important to new people to the group. They will be Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the Clown office or online. If you are attending online please let me know so I can send you the materials that go with each class. The more physical classes like locomotion and clown pantomime will be during the Sunday juggling practice at CMU. 

The website calendar has been updated to reflect the new classes and the juggling meetings at Pitt. By the way Pitt, finally, has a juggling club again. The old folks, like myself will remeber fondly going to Pitt and throwing things around at the Cathedral of Learning. Currently these events will be taking place in the Assembly Room at the Pitt Student Union. It is a wee bit more comfortable than the Cathedral.

Also it is the start of a new year. This means paperwork for all the Brigade Members, Yay. So please get your paperwork at what ever meeting you are attending.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Still Making Balls

We are still plugging along at making balls. Here are the solid color balls we are making. We have them made in duck cloth in all the common colors. We also have black in denim. Over the next couple months we are going to have blue and light blue denim. 

At the moment we are still having a bit of trouble getting colored duck cloth. We can't find a reliable source for pink or navy blue.

 If there is a color you would like to see let us know.



Sunday, November 27, 2022

Opening the Juggling Shop Again

We are making balls again so it is time to open the Supply Depot again. We are making a large selection of colors in durable Duck Cloth.

Buddy is here helping us with quality control. If anything does not meet his high standards we will no put it our shop.

If you need a set of juggling balls please stop by our shop. Look the word shop is blue. Through the magic of the internet you can click on that and it will take you to our shop. I am really impressed by that. I used and internet link and got Buddy to look at the camera. I am just having a great day.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Juggling this Fall

 I would like to invite everyone to come out and Juggle and Learn Balloon Animals with us this Fall. We will be at CMU Sunday 3:30 till 6:00 on the Cut if it is nice and Newell Simon Hall if it is not. On Thursday  it will be the same starting at 4:00PM. If you have any question you can reach us at 412 708-3638

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Buddy and his new Shirt

 Buddy the Brigade Mascot is inspecting a new tee shirt featuring him. 

This is the shirt for our Mask Project. The shirt features a kilted Buddy juggling sewing implements. 

He appears to like the new shirt. It is hard to tell he does not say much.