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Thursday, January 11, 2024

New Puppy in Training

 We had really hoped to train Buddy's successor with him. Buddy had proven to us that a dog could be a valuable member of the team.

Shortly after we lost Buddy we got a call about a potential successor. We picked him and was cute and furry and everything a puppy is supposed to be.

My wife had that idea to name him after one of the Master Clowns that helped form the Brigade. So we have a mostly bull dog named Herman. As an extra layer of fun he is named after someone who did not really like dogs. 


As a fun aside animals have their own rank system that resembles the one for clowns. So at this point Herman would be a Cadet and honorary members of the group. He will become an apprentice when he gets his Therapy Animal Certification. Until then he will come to our practices and we will be trying to teach him not chew on people's show laces. 

So when you are at Juggling on Sunday say Hello to Herman and scratch him behind the ears. I am sure he would appreciate it. 

SR Gailey

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