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Thursday, December 21, 2023

We Lost of a Friend

  Buddy passed away this December due to complications from his Cushing’s Disease. He       was not just a good dog and a therapy animal, he was a good soul.

   He spent most of his life locked in a box in a subpar puppy mill. Our best guess was that he spent 8 to 10 years there. He broke out by forcing his way through a cage causing himself terrible injuries. He showed up at the Brigade’s House thirty pounds underweight, and barely able to walk. I called animal control, and they told me he was so injured that they would have to put him down.

    We took him to our vet, and he mostly recovered from his injuries. His presence did alert the police to the terrible conditions of the puppy mill. His former owner claimed Buddy was not his dog, to avoid additional charges, nor did he want to pay the vet bills. Thus, we got to keep him.

    We tried naming him Neal, but the only thing he would respond to was Buddy. He didn’t bark, he didn’t bite. If ever there was a dog that should be mad at Humans, it was him. For reasons I do not understand, he loved everyone he met. He was the best example of unconditional love I have ever personally known.

    He really enjoyed attending the MACA Conventions. I am personally greatful for him being allowed to attend. He was so happy to come to the hotel because he knew a bunch would love him there. After we let him go, my wife and I sat and went through our last pictures of him. They were all of him being happy at the convention.    

    I have worked with elephants, parrots, horses, and cats from tigers to house cats. Buddy was the best. Buddy loved being around people more than any of the others. I only wish he had more time to do the work that he loved.

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