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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Panier Masks

 We have a new type of mask available for the fight against the Infection that cannot be named. It is the Panier Mask. It is made to work

a bit more like the N95. it has a structure that makes it more roomy and keeps the mask off the front of one's face. It will also make it easier to put a transparent window in the front of the mask. This will make using American Sign Language easier since you can see the person's mouth moving. We made some masks with ASL Windows in the Olson Style and they are a pain in the neck with seam in the middle of the mask.

    Miss Fields is modeling this new mask. This particular one does not have a nose bridge but still first well all lone the edges of the mask. A nose bridge can be added. 

    If you would like a couple of these please visit our mask page.

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