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Friday, September 21, 2012

African American Heritage Day Parade

The Brigade will be participating in the African American Heritage Day Parade. It will be on the 6th of October from the Civil Arena to the August Wilson Center.

The Brigade has not done a parade on our own for years. We have done several parades with the COAI and one misguided effort Community Clown Council. So the majority of our folks have already done a parade. Thus far almost everyone in our Brigade has sign up to do this event. So this should be a good one for us.

Also we will be have two of the younger folks in our groups along with us for the first time. The minimum age to join the Brigade is seven. We have let a couple six year old slide in. For the event we will have a five year old and three year old. Now of course both of the kids have come to several practices with their older siblings so they are familiar with clowning. In the circus kids of this age would be in parade with their parents. So in our group they will be in parades with their older siblings. This should be a fun event.

Also there will be lectures and exhibits at the August Wilson Center afterward. So you can learn something if you care to as well. I hope to see you all there

Chief Gailey of the SCCB

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