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Thursday, January 15, 2009


This round of promotions has yeilded a couple folks this time around.

The first promotion is Senior Sergeant Kisielnicki. He is now a standard clown. As a matter of fact his is the first clown to join the troop with no previous experince who reached the rank of Standard Clown. This in particular is an important step. It is a sign that we are becoming a real clown troupe in the circus style.

Next up is Sergeant Thurman. She has achieved the rank of Jr. Clown. This is also an important step. She is part of the large group of kids that joined the Brigade last year. Of this group she is the first to achieve the rank of Jr. Clown. This rank is imporatnt because it shows thata clown is reaching a point where they can start teaching others. The entire time she has been with the Brigade she has been a leader within this group of kids. Now she is a leader within the entire Brigade.

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