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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Very Busy Couple of Months

Recently we have been working on several projects. First we have had several shows in the last month that have taken up our time. We have also doubled out training schedule this summer because we have many enthusiastic cadets most of which are now Apprentices.

We have started working on building stilts and training kittens to work with us as humor therapy animals. We have also been working on some infrastructure items namely; improving our set, storage areas and teaching materials. It is one of our hopes to have a sort of clown retreat at the Steel Valley Corps in the Spring. We would teach classes and it would give us the opportunity to jump ahead in our skills. In order to do this we have to get some things down in writing first.

There is not a clown hand book out there, let alone a hand book for christian clowns. There are so many areas of study that we use that we have a small library of books that we have to use. In balloons alone there are twenty six books that we use to teach balloon sculptures from. You get into Ledgermain or something more complicated and there is just too much to know.

In the last six months we have gone from having one child in the brigade to have the brigade half full of children. This has been a big adjustment for us. In the real circus there are families and children of all ages. So I suppose it is only fitting that the Corps children have joined us.

It is very interesting how we have been blessed the summer. Besides the opportunity to perform we have had lots of time to train. This has not only been useful for building skills but also the group. It has truly been an interesting ride.

We have also recently been given and office and computer here at the Steel Valley Corps. That has also been very helpful to get us more organised. Just the ability to leave something on a desk from one day to the next is a tremendous help. Also it will will give the new young people the opportunity to post to this blog.

Have a good day evening and thank you for checking in.

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