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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 17th at Practice

I would like to welcome Yvonne Chasko as our newest Junior Clown. Cadet Thurman is nearly half way through her Balloon Animals. At this rate we are going to have to make her an Apprentice soon.
Apprentice K it a quarter or a third of the way through his ballons for the Ballon Proficiency as well. I think I might have to make that Proficiency harder. To many people are doing to well at it.

On other fronts we are starting to put insignia on our practice uniforms. This is great fun if you are into this sort of thing. JC Chasko suggested using an iron on thing to make the Shield for the Brigade. The first round of them have been put on Cadet Shirts. I am currently sewing the stars onto my shirt. Since I have been at this so long I have a bloody absurd amount of stars. I will have pictures of Uniform stuff after practice Wednesday. We will have some folks who are wearing the shirts and such.

I would like to take a moment to mention how blessed the Brigade we have been so far this year. Every year we set goals. The first couple years we have just barely made them. This year we have already met most of our goals. We wanted to have 12 to fifteen people in the Brigade and we have 11. We are just about finished with the set, That was next year's goal.

Good Times Good times.


Serilda said...

JC Chasko here. Thanks chief for the very warm welcome! Let me apologize for the bunny ears my daughter placed above your head on the video...although I thought it took courage on her part, I did not encourage it. I have a feeling I have either entered the twilight zone or have breached the space-time continuum...see you at practice!

Z said...

Clown are immune to attack from other planes of existence or temporal anomalies. So it works out in the end.