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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

walts clown scarf

here is a picture of the almost complete clown scarf i designed for my funny scarf proficiency

what I did was the first row was 1 knit stitch and for the second row i added a knit stitch and for the 3rd row i added a knit stitch at the beginning of the row and so on till i got the triangle for the center i chose to make the triangle 28 stitches
after i had the triangle i picked 3 rib patterns 1 for each arm of the scarfafter completing the rib pattern i reduced to the triangle like at the beginning knitting 2 together at the beginning of each row untill i got down to 1 stitch
then i picked up 28 stitches on the second side of the triangle and proceeded with the second rib pattern following the same procedure as before just with the new rib
and the same for the 3rd side of the triangle.after the 3 arms were finished and knotted off i made 3 big pom poms for the ends
but a word of advice from my mistake make sure your choice of rib pattern isnt mostly stockinette as it will curl as my 1 arm is.
aka kiddo


Z said...

That is a good looking scarf

Terri Lynn said...

I love this scarf and would love to see it in action!!!! Get someone to crochet in single crochet on the curled up edges to keep it form curling!!!